Launching membees private beta


These last days we have been launching “membees” private beta, the first product created by our startup company SigmaBees. membees is an “online shopping organizer and recommendations system”… more details to come in new blog posts in the upcoming weeks, today I will mainly write about the experience of reaching this milestone.

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Automatic Backups with Automator + iCal + rsync

I have just published a new article on Pplware (Portuguese technology news blog) on how to use Automator + iCal + rsync to create automatic backups at specific moments of the day/week.

I find this very useful, given that I forget all the time to make backups of personal data (photos, videos, etc.)… some of these things I do not keep on any “cloud storage” (Dropbox, Drive, etc.), so it is very good to make a backup of that data from time to time.

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Automator and iCal for creating “concentration moments”

Some weeks ago I was invited by Vitor Martins from Pplware (Pplware is a very popular technology news blog from Portugal) to write a series of articles about use cases of Mac OS Automator, which is a very interesting tool to “automate” recurrent processes. I took the challenge and am writing 2/3 articles, all of them on not so common ways to use Automator, but ones I find extremely interesting and helpful to “automate” processes on my daily life. Although these are articles about Automator I focus on presenting “the technique” too, which can be very easily implemented in other OSs using other tools to “automate” the processes in hand (e.g.: crontab, shell scripts, AppleScript, etc.). The interesting thing is that Automator allows to combine multiple “applications” according to one’s need… and this has a lot to do with my research and work for the last 5 years, and my startup (SigmaBees)… I only realized I was thinking about the same problem once I started writing the first article.

The first article just came out and focuses using Automator to create “moments of concentration and isolation”, so one can work (perform activities) without distractions from emails, chat, etc. This is not only a technical hack, but also very much a “productivity technique”. Read more

Hello World.

Hello World!

Welcome to my new blog/journal/website! I have stopped updating my “old” website, which was mainly related with my Ph.D. research activities – From now on I will try to regularly write here about things I come across on my daily activities: technical discoveries/findings, the process of building up products and starting a company, lessons and the process of being a researcher and an entrepreneur, among other things I may find interesting and inspiring.