Intro to Sociotechnical Architecture article series

This page contains a series of articles that discuss several elements relevant to Sociotechnical Architecture. The goal is to create a good introduction to Sociotechnical Architecture so that it can be more widely used when architecting and setting up strategies to build our software products.

What is Sociotechnical Architecture?

Sociotechnical Architecture Evolution (inspired by Nick Tune's Sociotechnical Evolution loop)

Sociotechnical Architecture is about taking an holistic co-design approach to technical and organizational systems, given the inherent impact they have on each other.

In other words (from Nick Tune): When we are architecting a software system, we must consider the impact on the teams in the organisation and vice-versa.

Intro to Sociotechnical Architecture series


  • 01/07/2020: publish first article of the series Introduction to Sociotechnical Architecture: Why & What is it