I am a technical leader and senior software engineer/architect with a solid academic background (PhD in Computer Science) and hands-on experience on designing and building software-based products and organizations.

Since 2005 I have done a wide range of things: university researcher and teacher; consultant; trainer; tech lead; engineer and architect of software products. Furthermore, I was also founder, CEO and lead engineer of a startup company (created from the results of my PhD thesis research).

Currently I am working as technical leader and software architect. This involves hands-on technical design, research, architecture and development. However, it also/especially entails a lot of work with teams/people/organization. I am really invested on combining the architecting & scaling of technical and organizational systems (a.k.a. Sociotechnical Architecture), as in my view they need to go hand-in-had to enable true agility and "high velocity" (= high speed + direction).

On my free time I love to play futsal, watch good movies and read.

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