Welcome to my products page. Here you can find an overview of the products I am currently offering. These can be offered in different formats, and can also be combined into bespoke engagements (with other consulting services), so I can help you better address your specific challenges and opportunities. If you are interested, feel free to arrange a 30 min free-checkin session to discuss possible details of our collaboration.

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Towards Effective Enabling Teams

Architecture as Enabling Team

Effective Architecture Topologies

ModernArch Consulting

Support you on understanding and accelerate your journey towards Effective Enabling Teams - this strategic fundamental team type from Team Topologies +details Help you to understand and position Architecture as an Enabling Team in your organization +details Help you understand how to evolve your approach to Architecture in order to achieve a more sustainable fast flow of change +details Bespoke workshop sessions I do with Nick Tune to help organizations kickstart and accelerate their Architecture modernization journey +details

🔠 Formats

Some products have specific formats (e.g.: ModernArch Consulting). However, I tend to provide the listed products in one of the following formats (even though, we can discuss variations if that makes more sense for you):
  • 🌟 Masterclass - 2-hour session, where executives, leaders, change agents and anyone involved on the topic can get an introduction to the topic and also start exploring what could be interesting steps to move forward.
  • 🔍 Sense-making Workshop - ~1-day (2x 3.5h) workshop sessions for people involved on the topic, where we consolidate the basics on the topic, but spend most of the time exploring challenges and opportunities in your organization specific context. You can see this as a sort of "assessment" session.
  • 🧭 Sense & Orient Workshop - ~2-day (4x 3.5h) workshop session for people involved on the topic to learn the basics, but spend most of the time exploring challenges and opportunities in your organization's specific context, and defining what are the important options to focus on, including defining specific first steps. You can see this session as the assessment session extended with defining concrete first actions to address the most strategic challenges and opportunities.

📥 Contacts