Welcome to my products page. Here, you can find an overview of the products I am currently offering. Most of my products are workshops and (consulting, advising, coaching) sessions.

✅ My goal is to provide different services that help software tech-enabled organizations increase their "effectiveness" and achieve sustainable fast flow of change.

These workshops and sessions can be provided in different formats and can be combined into bespoke engagements (with other consulting services), so I can help you to better address your specific situation. If you are interested, arrange a 30 min free-checkin session to learn more and discuss details for our collaboration.

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Towards Effective Enabling Teams

Effective Architecture Topologies

Enabling Architecture & Thinking

Understanding, kickstarting and accelerating your journey towards Effective Enabling Teams and Enabling Thinking - to maximize organization learning and effectiveness +details Towards effective approaches to architecture and leadership that evolve in time and maximize learning, designing and decision making to achieve a more sustainable fast flow of change +details Understand, modernize, and position Architecture following an Enabling Thinking approach - to improve and accelerate your organization learning, design and decision-making +details

Effective Facilitation of Architecture Modernization

Enabling (Socio)Tech Leaders & Architects Coaching

ModernArch Consulting

Help people (architects, coaches, staff engineers, consultants, change agents, etc.) facilitating effective architecture modernization initiatives +details Provide individual or group coaching and mentoring to help (Socio)Tech Leaders and Architects accelerate their journey towards "Enabling Leaders", who can better support organizations on achieving sustainable fast flow of change +details Bespoke workshop sessions where Nick Tune and I help you kickstart and accelerate your Architecture modernization journey +details

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