My name is Eduardo da Silva, and I am an Independent Consultant on Sociotechnical Systems, Architecture, and Leadership modernization. I also am a Team Topologies Valued Practitioner (TTVP).

My mission is to help (software) tech-enabled organizations to modernize and achieve a faster and more sustainable flow of change. To achieve that, I help organizations develop cultures, structures, and dynamics to sustainably cope with their ever-changing environment (customers, business goals, markets, technological changes, etc.). I do this by bringing different thinking models (SocioTechnical Systems Thinking, Architecture & Leadership Modernization, Team Topologies, DDD, etc.); helping shape suitable operating models; and coaching leaders and teams to drive the organization's sustainable flow of change.

On this website, you can find information on my consulting services and my writings and talks.

Highlighted Products & Services

⭐️ Sociotechnical Architecture Modernization Kickstarter program - if you need help understanding and effectively kickstart executing the modernization of your (socio)technical architecture.
⭐️ Effective Learning, Design and Decision-making (Architecture Topologies) program - if you need help modernizing your approach to architecture so you can maximize your organization and teams' ability to learn and, with that, better design and decide.
⭐️ Modernization Assessment & Advice - if you need advice (and assessment) on where you are and what may be some good options to start approaching your (socio)technical architecture modernization.

I provide several other products to help you up-skill, such as: ⚒️ Guided Workshops, 👥 Multi-Week/Month Learn-by-Doing Cohorts, 📈 Individual and Team Coaching, 📽️ Video Courses, and 🗣️ Talks, Keynotes and Inspiration Sessions.

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