My name is Eduardo da Silva and I am an Independent Consultant on topics in the area of sustainable evolution of tech-enabled organizations (especially co-evolution of teams and their technical systems & products - driven by customer and business goals).
My passions are (enabling) Tech Leadership and Sociotechnical Systems evolution and how to best use these to improve how we design, engineer, and build software products and the organizations behind them. This entails technical and organizational (systems) developments and how to enable their continuous evolution sustainably. On this website, you can find information on my consulting services, my writings, projects, and talks.


  • 🌟[June 2022] Started my activities as Independent Consultant. My goal is to help tech-enabled organizations to achieve (more) sustainable co-evolution of their teams/org and technical systems & products - driven by customer and business goals. Feel free to contact me if you think we should collaborate!🌟
  • [December 2021] New article sharing my end of the year review & upcoming year planning ritual (also template). Check details here: link
  • [October 2021] New article on my ProdTech Teams. Main idea: how to make sure that teams (and organizations) have no function silos, and with that maximize information and knowledge flow. This is key to maximizing teams' abilities. Check more details: link

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