My name is Eduardo da Silva and I am (Software) Tech Leader & Sociotechnical Architect working and living in the Netherlands.

My passions are Tech Leadership and (Socio-Technical) Software Architecture and how to best use these to improve how we design, engineer and build software products and the organizations behind them. This entails technical and organizational (systems) developments and how to enable their continuous evolution. In this website you will mostly find articles, projects and talks related with these topics.


  • [October 2021] New article on my ProdTech Teams. Main idea: how to make sure that teams (and organizations) have no function silos, and with that maximize information and knowledge flow. This is key to maximize teams abilities. Check more details: link
  • [May 2021] New articles on my sociotechnical architecture series: "Sociotechnical Architecture as Enabler of Product Thinking". Goal: articulate how important it is to have a holistic understanding and approach to build and evolve products (in product-led organizations). Check details here: link
  • [April 2021] Was interviewed for InfoQ by Manuel Pais (from Team Topologies) on the topic "beyond DevOps" and Sociotechnical Architecture, check details here: link

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