TLA_insights is my record of curated insights (and notes) on resources I find interesting and relevant on the topics of "Technical Leadership and Architecture" (TLA for short). I publish new "records" regularly in this page and share a digest of new records at the end of each month. You can see this as a sort of hybrid between an archive of curated insights records and a newsletter. I hope you find it interesting, if so you can sign-up to be notified here. If you have question or suggestions, don't hesitate on contacting me via email or on Twitter.

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   - Sociotechnical Architecture & Systems Design
   - Technical Leadership
   - Software {Architecture, Engineering & Tech}
   - Personal Productivity
Monthly Digest

Records per Areas

Sociotechnical Architecture & Systems Design

  • Team Topologies, Matthew Skelton & Manuel Pais
  • Recurrent misuse of API-first pattern/strategy, Stefan Tilkov
  • Visualizing Sociotechnical Architecture with DDD and Team Topologies, Nick Tune

  • Technical Leadership

  • Tech Strategy: You Need it, But What is it?, Nick Tune
  • Secrets of a Strong Engineering Culture, Patrick Kua
  • First Principles, The Power of Thinking for Yourself, James Clear
  • Maker VS Multiplier, Patrick Kua

  • Software {Architecture, Engineering & Tech}

  • Software Architecture, Team Topologies and Platforms, Matthew Skelton & Manuel Pais
  • 5 Things Every Developer Should Know about Software Architecture, Simon Brown
  • Good Enough Architecture, Stevan Tilkov

  • Personal Productivity

  • Pillars, Pipelines and Volts (PPV), August Bradley

  • Monthly Digest

    TLA_insights digest 2 [Oct. 2020]

    In this issue I share several interesting insights based on references from Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais (main insights on their book @TeamTopologies and another one on a great podcast interview on the topic of "modern architecture" and especially the traits of "modern architect); and from Patrick Kua (on the secrets and strategies to build Strong Engineering Culture, where Patrick shares - as usual - amazing insights on how develop structural systems to support the continuous development of great engineering cultures). Check here: TLA_insights digest 2

    TLA_insights digest 1 [Sept. 2020]

    First digest of TLA_insights. Several interesting insights on resources from: Patrick Kua (challenges to becoming a "Multiplier" / Leader), Nick Tune (on visualizing Sociotechnical Architecture with DDD and Team Topologies), Stefan Tilkov (excellent discussion on why API-first may be a dangerous anti-pattern; and a second one on "good enough architecture") and August Bradley amazing PPV personal productivity method (among a few others). Check here: TLA_insights digest 1