TLA_insights is my record of curated insights (and notes) on resources I find interesting and relevant on the topics of "Technical Leadership and Architecture" (TLA for short). I publish new "records" regularly in this page and regularly share a digest of new records (try to do it monthly). You can see this as an hybrid between an archive of curated insights records and a newsletter. I hope you find it interesting, if so you can sign-up to be notified here. If you have question or suggestions, don't hesitate on contacting me via email or on Twitter.

TLA_insights Areas
   - Sociotechnical Architecture & Systems Design
   - Technical Leadership
   - Software {Architecture, Engineering & Tech}
   - Product {Thinking, Management & Organization}
   - Personal Productivity

TLA_insights Areas

Sociotechnical Architecture & Systems Design

  • Architecture Topologies & Architecture as Enabling Team
  • Less is More with Minimalist Architecture, Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer
  • About Team Topologies and Context Mapping, Alberto Brandolini
  • Good Fences Make Good Neighbours, Trond Hjorteland
  • On Systems Thinking, Russell Ackoff
  • Team Topologies, Matthew Skelton & Manuel Pais
  • Recurrent misuse of API-first pattern/strategy, Stefan Tilkov
  • Visualizing Sociotechnical Architecture with DDD and Team Topologies, Nick Tune

  • Technical Leadership

  • Engineering Strategy, Will Larson
  • GitLab Strategy Operating Model
  • Defining a Tech Strategy, Sarah Taraporewalla
  • Tech Strategy: You Need it, But What is it?, Nick Tune
  • Secrets of a Strong Engineering Culture, Patrick Kua
  • First Principles, The Power of Thinking for Yourself, James Clear
  • Maker VS Multiplier, Patrick Kua

  • Software {Architecture, Engineering & Tech}

  • Software Architecture, Team Topologies and Platforms, Matthew Skelton & Manuel Pais
  • 5 Things Every Developer Should Know about Software Architecture, Simon Brown
  • Good Enough Architecture, Stefan Tilkov

  • Product {Thinking, Management & Organization}

  • Escaping the Build Trap, Melissa Perri
  • Product Thinking 101, Naren Katakam

  • Personal Productivity

  • Pillars, Pipelines and Vaults (PPV), August Bradley

  • Digests

    TLA_insights digest 5 [July 2021] - Architecture Topologies and Scopes

    Check this issue here: TLA_insights digest 5

    TLA_insights digest 4 [March 2021] - System Thinking & Product Thinking

    This issue contains four entries packed of great insights: two on product thinking and two on systems thinking. On systems thinking I have a 15 minute video with probably one of my favorite "intro to systems thinking". The author is Russel Ackoff, who has been a leading thinker on this topic. The other systems thinking entry is by Trond Hjorteland, who is very active on trying to leverage system thinking principles to improve how we approach software development (namely have a sociotechnical approach to this). He has a great series of articles on this topic, highly recommended. The entries on product thinking are by Melissa Perri, namely key insights from her reference book "Escaping the Build Trap" (which I consider a must read for people looking at understanding modern product thinking). The other entry is from Naren Katakam who gives a 101 on Product Thinking (highly recommended reference to understand the very basics of product thinking in a simple and very visual manner). Check this issue here: TLA_insights digest 4

    TLA_insights digest 3 [Dec. 2020] - Tech Vision and Strategy

    Special "aggregate" issue on the topic of "Tech Vision and Strategy". I share several interesting insights based on references from Nick Tune (on "Why" you need Tech Vision and Strategy and "What" it can look like); Sarah Taraporewalla (on the "anatomy" of a Tech Strategy document and how to share & continuously execute and operate it); GitLab Vision and Strategy documents (covering several interesting public documents of GitLab sharing the way they set vision and strategy, and how they continuously operate it (and the cadence of activities) as a full distributed company); and by Will Larson (on how to drive Engineering/Tech Strategy bottom-up from the technical challenges observed on teams design documents - and how to create a feedback loop to improve future technical decision making). (More entries may be added in the future) Check here: TLA_insights digest 3 - Tech Vision and Strategy

    TLA_insights digest 2 [Oct. 2020]

    In this issue I share several interesting insights based on references from Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais (main insights on their book Team Topologies and another one on a great podcast interview on the topic of "modern architecture" and especially the traits of "modern architect); and from Patrick Kua (on the secrets and strategies to build Strong Engineering Culture, where Patrick shares - as usual - amazing insights on how develop structural systems to support the continuous development of great engineering cultures). Check here: TLA_insights digest 2

    TLA_insights digest 1 [Sept. 2020]

    First digest of TLA_insights. Several interesting insights on resources from: Patrick Kua (challenges to becoming a "Multiplier" / Leader), Nick Tune (on visualizing Sociotechnical Architecture with DDD and Team Topologies), Stefan Tilkov (excellent discussion on why API-first may be a dangerous anti-pattern; and a second one on "good enough architecture") and August Bradley amazing PPV personal productivity method (among a few others). Check here: TLA_insights digest 1