Architecture Topologies


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What is Architecture Topologies?

Architecture Topologies is a set of thinking models and practices to help organizations understand and evolve their architectural, design, and decision-making approaches, practices, and structures. The main goal is to embrace that organizations will continuously evolve their approaches to architecture in order to allow the organization to sustainably respond to its ever-changing context and environment. I introduced the term “Architecture Topologies" in 2021 in this article]. The name and ideas are highly inspired by Team Topologies - i.e., a language to discuss how we understand and discuss the evolution of architecture approaches in organizations to enable a sustainable fast flow of change. Since then, I have continued developing this idea further and validated its need and importance in different scenarios and organizations as an essential activity to allow organizations to create a sustainable flow of change. This page will compile articles, talks and references on this topic.

Architecture Topologies
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(this diagram shows an example of some categories and patterns of architecture topologies - and how that can correlate with the ability of organization achieving sustainable fast flow of change, but also organization culture and structures - more details can be found on this talk at Kandddinksky 2022)

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  • Effective Architecture Topologies - workshops (& other sessions) to help your organization develop a more explicit approach, thinking models and practices around Architecture (learning, design and decision-making), in order to better cope with the all the changes and with that achieve a more sustainable fast flow of change.
  • Towards Effective Enabling Teams - workshops (& other sessions) to help your organization on its specific challenges and opportunities around effectively leveraging Enabling Teams.
  • Architecture as an Enabling Team - workshops (& other sessions) to help your organization position architecture as an enabling team - and with that support a faster flow of change, with clear alignment to the broader organization objectives.

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