Architecture Modernization Enabling Team (AMET)


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What is Architecture Modernization Enabling Team (AMET)?

Architecture Modernization Enabling Team (AMET) is an Architecture Enabling Team (and Architecture Topology) that focuses on coordinating and up-skilling all teams and stakeholders involved in an architecture modernization initiative. The main reason for its existence is to counter-balance and address the typical complex challenges that such modernization initiatives have. For example, the time and forces these impose on multiple teams in the course of many months or even years. If we don't have enough attention to facilitate those activities the modernization efforts are eventually often discarded or de-prioritized. This concept and pattern was originally created by myself and Nick Tune in 2023, as we observed the need for such an Enabling Team while helping multiple client organizations kickstarting their Architecture Modernization journeys. This page will compile articles, talks and references on this topic, and you can also find relevant products I offer to support organizations that need support in this topic).

Architecture Modernization Enabling Teams (AMET)
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(this diagram shows the AMET in a nutshell - typical stages of modernization and AMET activities)

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  • Sociotechnical Architecture Modernization Kickstarter Program - Program with several sessions to understand, orient and kickstart your architecture & teams modernization, followed by day-to-day enabling support to help you effectively execute the initial phases of a modernization initiative (together with your own teams and modernization enabling team).
  • Modernization Assessment & Advice - Provide assessment and advising to improve the effectiveness of your modernization efforts. I can provide support on different topics, such as: architecture, platforms, team topologies and product & tech organization modernization, among others. This can be a single session, or a multi-session engagement.
  • Architecture as an Enabling Team - workshops (& other sessions) to help your organization position architecture as an enabling team - and with that support a faster flow of change, with clear alignment to the broader organization objectives.