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If you are looking for help on these topics feel free to contacting me, and/or check my consulting page for more details on how I can help you with on challenges around architecture topologies, in particular how to understand and improve your approach and practices around architecture and (sociotech) leadership.

I have been working with Enabling Teams and using Enabling Teams (as defined in Team Topologies) behaviors for almost ten years. From being a software engineering, architect and tech lead with a big focus on upskilling teams, to working on initiatives that empower 100+ teams, so that teams and org can achieve a faster flow of change. I also am a Team Topologies Valued Practitioner (TTVP), who works in the Team Topologies Core Team to shape ideas around all things Team Topologies, including Enabling Teams. In this page you can find different writings and resources I am creating on the topic of enabling teams.




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