Everyone Architects


This page is a continuous-work-in-progress on articles, presentations and materials related with the topic of "Everyone Architects".

What is Everyone Architects?

Everyone Architects focuses on different dimensions of modern software architecture and software building activities and the fact that the whole team participating of that must be involved and aware of the architecture of the product being built.

The premise is that software architecture (= "addressing the important decisions") cannot be done (fully) "up-front" and cannot be done by a "single architect".

The reason for this is that contrary to Building Architecture, we know today that Software Architecture is an evolutionary/iterative process and must be driven by the team building it. Given this, everyone working on building a product must have a role on addressing the "important decisions" that come up. This does not mean everyone needs to be a software architect, however I argue that everyone should be mindful and aware of architecture (the important decisions).

This mindset and way of working enables everyone to be more aware of what is being built, why is it being built and how it will be built. This addresses many overlooked aspects of today's software development processes, e.g.: the common misused agile patterns of blind focus on "speed" without clear "direction and perspective" (architecture).



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