I am so happy to announce the launching of my new video course on “Effective Enabling Teams” for Team Topologies Academy, which I created with the brilliant Manuel Pais (co-author of the Team Topologies book). This course will help you understand the importance of Enabling Teams to address capability gaps and support a fast flow of changes and value to customers. You will learn how and when to kickstart, measure and scale Enabling Teams.

Effective Enabling Teams

Effective Enabling Teams course curriculum

🔗 link to course: https://academy.teamtopologies.com/courses/effective-enabling-teams

To me, Enabling Teams is a very versatile and strategic team and set of behaviors that, when appropriately leveraged, allow organizations to effectively accelerate their ability to learn and address missing capabilities. This is essential to achieve a “sustainable fast flow of change”! When this is ignored or downplayed (something I very often see - to save costs, and many other “short-termism focused” reasons), the organizations often stagnate and struggle to respond to the many changes coming from their environment (customers, competitors, markets, technological changes, etc.).

In this course, we try to share some light on “Why” orgs should consider Enabling Teams and how to move forward on their journey, from kickstarting to measuring their impact to scaling them. It brings together many learnings, examples, and experiences from my career - where I have been part of Enabling Teams, led the creation of structures to enable Enabling Teams, and have seen how powerful this type of team (and more fundamentally, the “Enabling Behaviors”) can be so impactful.

I want also to thank Manuel for this partnership: I learned a lot with him and feel really fortunate to have brought this course together with him (we had many discussions, and the content would never be this if we had not taken the time to “consolidate” the many ideas and input we had)! It was not easy, and there was a lot of work to bring things together in this form… but, like Enabling Teams, when you persist through the challenges, the outcomes and change tend to come and (hopefully) have a significant impact.

I hope you enjoy the course. Feel free to share your feedback; we want to learn and continue developing things around this course, e.g., creating and sharing more resources to support these journeys “towards Effective Enabling Teams”.

💡 PS - if you want to get an idea of some of the key elements in the course, you can take a look at my FastFlowConf 2023 talk - Supporting a Sustainable Fast Flow of Change with Effective Enabling Teams


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