I have had the pleasure of writing an article for InfoQ with Rich Allen on “Enabling Effective Remote Working - Principles and Patterns from Team Topologies”.

This article combines a lot of learnings and discussions I have had with Rich and with Team Topologies authors over the past two years. It also highlights experiences we have had with clients we worked with. In particular, we emphasize the need for more deliberate and explicit attention to designing organization and team structures that enable healthy and sustainable dynamics and interactions for teams working in remote settings. The same ideas can be applied in non-remote or hybrid settings. Nevertheless, they become of vital importance in remote settings.

We touch on three major topics: team boundaries, team dependencies, and purposeful interactions. We share several principles and patterns to approach those topics. We also share examples and practical tools to start approaching these topics more purposefully. These topics are covered even more extensively in the Team Topologies book and the Team Topologies Remote Interactions Workbook.

Enabling Effective Remote Working