Interesting conversation on’s TechLab podcast on “Sociotechnical Architecture”, which is about taking an holistic co-design approach to technical and organizational systems, given the inherent impact they have on each other.

This is a topic I have been focusing a lot over the last year (see details here, as I believe this is key to maximize our impact and ability to build software products.

We touched several elements such as:

  • Why is it so important to think about all the different systems and not just “technical architecture”;
  • Conway’s Law and its implications on technical architectures;
  • Covered several aspects of Team Topologies, team boundaries and interactions and how to make sure those are part of architecture (and strategy) for our products;
  • Talked about examples of how to apply the ideas of Sociotechnical Architecture (e.g.: how to set up Data Science into Product-led organizations);
  • …and several other elements of thinking in a “system of systems” instead of purely focusing on the “technical architecture” (as more classically organizations focus on).

All of these topics were touched while talking about “restaurants” and how important the “crew” is to get great results - this is a running example I have on my Introduction to Sociotechnical series.

Check the whole podcast here: