This was a nice conversation on the’s TechLab Podcast on different aspects of personal productivity (but also aspects of working in a team). We touched different things, such as:

  • understand what are your goals/aspirations to drive your prioritization and things you pick up. Don’t just create a TODO list, put things in perspective and understand what are the important things in your activities;
  • make sure you make time to work on the right things (and those right things should be the things that allow to the higher-level aspirations);
  • review & re-calibrate your focus weekly (at least), but if possible also monthly (on higher level aspirations and projects that enable you to reach that), so that daily you can focus on execution;
  • share your personal development goals with your team in order to make sure you have time to develop them - and with that also help further your team;
  • say no to meetings that don’t require you or have no clear objective, or try to address the issue in other simpler ways before you pack a room with people.

I have also shared some insights about how I have been using many aspects from August Bradley’s PPV (Pilars-Pipelines-Vaults) to set up my own personal productivity system (PPS).

Check the whole podcast here: